About Me

Welcome to Delicious Vegetarian!

Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Amruta. I am an Indian currently living in US with my husband.  I always liked cooking but never really cooked on a daily basis. I was more of an impromptu cook. The reason being I never had to cook over all those years. But that changed in 2005 when I landed in US. I am a big fan of Indian food and missed it badly. It was primarily due to the fact that our small town has no Indian restaurants. Of course I enjoyed other cuisines, but again the options were limited as I am a hard core vegetarian. And that is how I started cooking in a true sense.

I always wanted to write my own food blog but didn't start it until late 2009. For me this blog is a journal of the recipes I love and also the new ones that I try. My cooking is mainly influenced by Indian flavors because that is what I cook on a daily basis.

I would love to hear from you. If you have any suggestions or comments, let them flow in. You can use the comment form below the post or can simply email me at deliciousvegetarian1@gmail.com

Thank you again for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the blog!