Other Links

Want to help an animal in need?
I love animals and here are two foundations that are doing a great job with stray and abandoned animals.

Blue Cross, Pune:
Website: http://www.bluecrosssocietypune.org/
Blog: http://bluecrosspune.blogspot.com/
The blog has information about upcoming events and about animals up for adoptions.  
Jeevraksha Foudation:
An animal shelter located at 4A Queen's Garden Road, Pune, run by Ms. Leela Parulekar. You can help them by donating cash or something in kind. They accept newspapers, old blankets, bed sheets, cotton saris. 

Want to support a child's education?
Join Asha for Education  

(Note: I am not advertising for any of these organizations. These are the organizations I personally support and think are doing a great job. I just want to share the information if you are interested in helping any of these).